Over 20 years of experience in the food service industry.

Arrocería HISPANIA

Rice dish specialties in a classic style building with refurbished spaces in Beniparrell.

Masía de las Estrellas HISPANIA

Ideal for events: Large capacity venue specialised in rice dishes, perfect for gatherings,
situated at a beautiful golf course location within a sports complex.


Located on Cortes Valencianas Avenue, this Gastronomía HISPANIA establishment,
where the tapa is the main focus, features a contemporary and urban style.

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Arrocería HISPANIA

HISPANIA’s arrocería (a restaurant specialised in rice dishes) is located in Beniparrell, in a singular environment, where tradition meets innovative cuisine.

Masía de las Estrellas Hispania

Masía de las Estrellas HISPANIA In Catarroja, Valencia, a stone’s throw from Albufera Natural Park, La Masía de las Estrellas offers a taste of Gastronomía HISPANIA in a distinctive refurbished building in a culturally rich setting.


An array of cold tapas, such as our slate board of selected Iberico cured meats; warm tapas, such as shrimp tail with sobrasada from Mallorca and caramelised onions, but also rice, meat, and fish dishes.


Masía de las Estrellas HISPANIA

For information on events, contact us at: (+34) 960 44 22 00 or
[email protected]


Hispania Restaurantes

HISPANIA Restaurants Dive into a unique culinary experience in the city of Valencia, where tradition meets innovation in every dish. Experience the essence of authentic Spanish food. Our relentless commitment to quality ensures an exceptional dining experience, positioning us as a must-visit in Valencia’s culinary scene.

The freshness of our ingredients and our ultimate respect for traditional recipes will make your taste buds embark on a fascinating journey. Step into a world of culinary wonder. We meticulously craft every dish, from our delicious tapas, bursting with flavour, to our acclaimed rice specialties, to guarantee our guests an unforgettable experience.

Explore our passion for Spanish gastronomy at three remarkable locations: Tapería HISPANIA in Valencia, Arrocería HISPANIA in Beniparrell and Masía de las Estrellas in Catarroja. Each and every one of them offers a cosy and special atmosphere in an exceptional environment, which allows you to enjoy the authenticity of our dishes.

Our story

For over 20 years, our group set up in Valencia has been dedicated to the food service industry and has been managing several establishments.

Our philosophy

We are in constant evolution, driven by the desire to meet our customers’ most diverse or demanding requests.

Our team

We are committed to our team: we value their flexibility, adaptability, and the wealth of experience they bring.

Join our team

Gastronomía HISPANIA manages three establishments and has vast experience in the hospitality sector. Do you want to join our team?

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